Common Questions

What's an "insight task"?

An "insight task" is a job that only a person not a computer can do. It requires context, judgment and/or opinion. Joblie's army of human workers are ready to help solve your business problems which require human insight- all on their smartphones.

What kinds of questions and problems can Joblie help with?

Joblie is well suited to market research, customer feedback, preference testing, A/B testing, and short content creation. If you'd like to talk about other ways Joblie Users may be able to help you with your business, please contact us

How do Joblie Users complete jobs and tasks?

All work is completed via our native apps on mobile devices. This allows our Users to complete work during the idle moments of their day (e.g. commuting on the bus) and provides for superior workflow and quality management processes.

How much does Joblie cost?

Joblie is typically 80% cheaper than legacy approaches. Additionally, Joblie is scalable and economical - you only pay for results. Contact us and let's chat.

How does Joblie compensate Users?

Joblie pays our Users in cash (via PayPal) for work they successfully complete. Cash payment allows us to attract and retain the highest quality Users.

How does Joblie manage quality?

Joblie has a series of proprietary methods to ensure high quality results. Because all work is done via a smartphone, we can use many more quality management techniques than desktop based crowdsourcers can. You only pay for results which you accept.

How do I get started?

Contact us, we can talk about your needs and determine if Joblie and our Users can help